Adam Frakes-Sime: Vocals
Antony "Mobs" Mowbray: Guitar
Scott Atkins: Guitar
Ian Glasper: Bass
Adrian "Ade" Stokes: Drums

Formed in early 1995 by members of various obscure and defunct UK bands, Stampin’ Ground’s sole intention is to play the heaviest, most metallic hardcore possible. Two demos were recorded in 1995 that garnered the band a lot of attention, so and they were actually offered several deals before they had peformed a single live show. The band decided against taking the easy route, and felt a need to cut their teeth and work at building some sort of reputation the old fashion way, by releasing demos, a 7”, and playing live as much as possible. After some line-up changes they recorded a number of new songs and undertook their first shows with the likes of Above All, 108, and Unborn. Soon Stampin’ Ground found themselves being invited onto bigger shows with Merauder, Slapshot, Sick Of It All, Madball and Ignite. After all of them had taken place in England they were invited to do their first shows all over Europe and joined the Ignite/Straight Faced tour for 7 shows across Germany and England. Willing to try anything to cross over and reach new people, the band undertook shows with the likes of Peter And The Test Tube Babies, The Exploited and even Napalm Death and were well received at all of them, suggesting the had the ability to play on punk and metal bills, as well as in their own hardcore scene. By now, several labels were showing interest in the band and they finally signed with Germany’s We Bite Records, who put out two 7”es, one MCD and their debut album Demons Run Amok which was released April 1997. More European shows followed to promote the album, including shows with Integrity, Fury Of Five, Sick Of It All, V.O.D., Earth Crisis, Turmoil, 59 Times The Pain, The Misfits and Agnostic Front. Ten dates across Europe with Despair from Buffalo made clear that things were not really working out with their vocalist Heath Powell, so that he was asked to leave the band. The next two or three months were spent auditioning vocalists and they eventually appointed Adam Frakes from the band Blood Oath on New Year’s Day 1998. Due to growing dissatisfaction with We Bite, they began to search for a more suitable label and eventually signed to Century Media Records in summer 1998. They toured the UK as main support to Madball, gathering positive reviews in the press. In July 1998 Stampin’ Ground recorded their second album An Expression Of Repressed Violence in Andy Sneap’s Backstage Studios in Nottingham. Backing vocals have been provided by various stalwards of the UKHAC scene, namely Freebase, Set Against and Public Disturbance. Cover art comes from deep within the depraved mind of MID, a member of Norwich’s Grind Metal hooligans Bait and the man responsible for much of Napalm Death’s artwork, amongst others. All the frustration of the previous months’ uncertainty over vocalists and labels has found its way onto An Expression Of Repressed Violence, the album is nastier, more aggressive, faster and even more brutal than the first one and it comes across as a volatile mix of Slayer and Snapcase, or Entombed and Hatebreed.

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All Out War


Cannibal Corpse



Dimmu Borgir

Dying Fetus

God Forbid


Lamb Of God

Living Sacrifice




Shadows Fall


The Berzerker

The Haunted

Walls Of Jericho



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