Skinless exploded onto the face of humanity in 1992. Despite a variety of lineup changes, the song writing team of Noah Carpenter (guitars) and Sherwood Webber (vocals) has remained constant since 1994. After adding the talents of Bob Beaulac (drums) and Joe Keyser (bass) SKINLESS established a solid, dedicated line-up, recorded two demos and appeared on numerous compilations. In 1998, SKINLESS released their full-length debut Progression Towards Evil. Recorded at Max Trax Studios in Albany, NY Progression... stunned the underground, showcasing the musicianship and energy that the band had become known for via its intense live performances. The album blazed a trail of brutality around the globe leaving fans of death/grind devastated, and searching for more. An entirely independent release, Progression... received frenzied acclaim from press the world over and saw remarkable sales.

An influential mainstay of today's underground, SKINLESS has embarked on extensive touring and made appearances at all the major metal festivals in the last few years, earning the band a reputation as one of the hardest working and most intense acts in metal. SKINLESS has embarked on three immensely successful tours in support of Progression..., introducing legions of fans to the punishing live SKINLESS experience. The band toured the U.S. with underground legends MORTICIAN on 1999's Chainsaw Tour, and in the Spring of 2000, SKINLESS toured the U.S. and Mexico with INCANTATION, spawning even more followers of the brutal underground revolution. SKINLESS' recent European headlining tour solidified the bands reputation as one of the most energetic and powerful live acts in the world.

On their Relapse debut Foreshadowing Our Demise, SKINLESS paint violent atmospheres of devastation. Foreshadowing Our Demise sonically documents the endless energy of the band's burly live performances, delivering an annihilating combo of high-tension grooves and ultimate brutality. SKINLESS administer gut-twisting deathgrind that deluges the listener with colossal riffs, chaotic percussion and an unearthly vocal attack.

On the topic of Foreshadowing Our Demise the band describes new material: "It's beyond anything we've done before," says vocalist, S.Webber. "It's faster but with the same characteristic SKINLESS grooves and violent atmosphere. The lyrics are dark, somewhat sarcastic, and extremely nihilistic. To spare all the adjectives it's chaotic and just fucking punishing!!!"

SKINLESS will tour as much as possible in 2001, so stay alert because the band is coming to a venue dangerously close to you! Explosive, punishing and nihilistic, SKINLESS have cemented their stance as forerunners of the extreme music movement.

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