Richmond, Virginia's LAMB OF GOD began their hell raising as the notoriously controversial BURN THE PRIEST, cutting a path of organized chaos via infamous live shows and incessant touring. Combining elements of death, grind, crust and traditional straight up heavy metal, LAMB OF GOD is loudly emerging as one of the world's premier metal bands, period.

The groundswell of support began in 1997 with the release of a split 7" through the Philadelphia based Legion Records. The 7" quickly sold out becoming an underground classic subject to E-bay bidding that could feed a third world country. Countless gigs including shows with cult grind legends Brutal Truth caught the attention of the band's drummer Rich Hoak. Rich added them to his fledgling Deaf American Records releasing the band's second single. This split with San Francisco's Agents of Satan was an East vs. West battle-royal with the band winning the fight with incredible performances of "Suffering Bastard" and "Preaching to the Converted".

Teaming up once again with Legion Records, they released their self-titled full-length slab of destruction in August of '99. The word spread quickly, especially online, where the band became the number one most downloaded metal band on with over 100,000 downloads (not to mention countless downloads via their own official site and countless sites of the band's followers). Through deliberate and aggressive dedication, LAMB OF GOD has grown from supporting national and international acts such as Napalm Death, GWAR, Overkill, Cathedral and EyeHateGod to selling out their own shows as a headliner. The shark outgrew the pond.

Throughout the schedule of releases, LAMB OF GOD methodically and intelligently constructed an empire of a fan base that most bands dream of. Their technical abilities and raw song writing talent has captured an audience consisting of every imaginable taste from critics to classical and jazz musicians. The original sound combined with unmatched talent and potential confidently perch LAMB OF GOD atop the masses.

Heading off what was becoming a feeding frenzy of rare proportions, the band signed to Prosthetic in April 2000. The band immediately began recording labors at Austin Enterprises studios with Today Is The Day mastermind Steve Austin sharing production duties. The result is the epic "New American Gospel", a new and definitive landmark in metal and extreme music. This is pure American metal at it's very best.

LAMB OF GOD will pummel your disbelief.

LAMB OF GOD's "New American Gospel" was released in September 2000.

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