All Out War is:
Eric Carrillo . Bass
Brad Mader . Guitar
Taras Apuzzo . Guitar
Matt Byrne . Drums
Mike Score . Vocals

New York's All Out War is a punishing display of the aggression of hardcore crossed with the brutality of metal while avoiding the shortcomings of both genres. To get a taste of All Out War's musical style, envision Slayer's "Reign In Blood" colliding head on with "Age of Quarrel" era Cro-Mags. Two styles as different as they come, but All Out War combines the two to form an attack unmatched by today's standards.

Formed five years ago by vocalist Mike Score, guitarist Jim Antonelli, and one time Merauder guitar slayer Chris Bozeth, All Out War established themselves as one of the most devastating units in the New York underground. All Out War has made stops at such legendary clubs as CBGB's and Lamours in New York City, The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, New Jersey, and The Rat in Boston as well as opened for bands as diverse as Deicide, Agnostic Front, Napalm Death, Earth Crisis, Sick Of It All, Malevolent Creation, Biohazard, Type O Negative, The Cro-Mags, Madball, and Life of Agony to name a few.

All Out War is comfortable in many circles. The five piece has not only crossed over and spit in the faces of the closed-minded, but has been accepted unconditionally both by the metal crowd and the hardcore crowd alike. This feat has been attempted countless times, but has rarely achieved the success that All Out War has.

With two 7"s under their belts and many tracks on various compilations, All Out War has finally released their first full length. "Truth In The Age of Lies" from Germany's Gain Ground Records captures the true flavor of the trademark All Out War sound while somehow bringing forth the intensity only felt at an All Out War live show. With positive press flooding the fanzine world as well as features in well known publications such as England's "Terrorizer" and a spring European tour, All Out War is ready to shed their cult hero status and finally get the recognition that they deserve.

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Walls Of Jericho



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