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Revolver Magazine March/April 2002


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With their fourth album, PISSING RAZORS have further perfected the signature sound that has propelled them to the upper ranks of American extreme metal.

WHERE WE COME FROM unleashes their charging aggression and enraged passion, furiously channeled through their ever tightening stop-on-a-dime musicianship, while simultaneously inviting listeners to confront the grim realities some Americans are forced to endure. Attacking with a steadfast urgency, both musically and lyrically, the time and need for PISSING RAZORS has truly arrived.

Throughout their history, the ‘Razors have consistently evolved, developing a lock-down groove that pulses with soul and the unmistakable flavor of four unique individuals that have grown to breathe as one. Always side stepping the common extreme metal pitfall of thoughtless aggression, the Pissing Razors sound is both fluid and focused, relentlessly attacking and incomprehensibly precise.With the unleashing of their self-titled debut in 1998, PISSING RAZORS became an almost immediate force in the US metal underground. They began their now constant process of exhaustive touring, strengthened by the acclaimed fury of 1999’s ‘Cast Down The Plague’ and 2000’s ‘Fields Of Disbelief’.

They’ve traveled across North America and Europe several times over, significantly broadening a loyal fanbase and, in the process, have become known worldwide as one of the tightest, most intense (and hardest working!) live metal acts on the planet. The unwavering fiery confidence displayed both on stage and in the studio is drawn from the longstanding relationship between drummer Eddy Garcia, guitarist Cesar Soto and bassist Rick Vallez while peppered by the arrival of new vocalist (and New Orleans transplant) Jason Bragg.

On WHERE WE COME FROM, lyrical topics of questionably-delivered justice, systematic oppression and the endless struggle to maintain a sense of self are a direct reflection of their Texas border town surroundings. As heard in new songs like"Vengeance Is Mine" and "Justice Denied", their sharp words give a needed voice to the many Texans who feel embittered and alienated by the heavy-handed (and often blind) justice dished out by the state and the nation that allowed a product of that system to become the most powerful force in the free world.

Their words, brought to life by Bragg, are delivered from a decidedly personal perspective without political diatribes, pretense or anything that softens the force or clouds the intent. The results are as thought provoking as the music is lethal. PISSING RAZORS have once again succeeded in delivering supreme, uncompromising metal that makes a real statement. WHERE WE COME FROM is more than just a window into their world; it challenges you to experience the life, the death, the spirit and the struggle from directly behind their eyes.


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