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Revolver Magazine March/April 2002



OVERCAST Reunion at the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival Confirmed 

Pigs are flying or some other apocalyptic nonsense.  The reunion of Boston Metal-Core pioneers Overcast is confirmed for the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival at the Palladium in Worcester MA. on April 5/6.  If you never got to see Overcast in the eight years that they performed, now you have your chance.  The entire line-up is back together for one night only.  According to guitarist Pete Cortese: “I seriously think we will sound better than ever, we’ve all gotten better at playing our instruments – and I gave up smoking crack six months ago (laughter) It’s gonna kick ass for real”

For those of you unfamiliar with the history of Overcast, here is a little background.  Overcast began in the summer of 1991 in suburban MA. After years of playing VFW halls and self releasing demos and seven inches, Overcast released their debut full length CD “Expectational Dilution” on Endless Fight Records.  Their sound was a fusion of the aggressiveness and energy of hardcore bands like the Cro-Mags and Judge with the metal riffs of Slayer and Carcass.  This is a sound that is quite common today, but at the time it was truly groundbreaking.  Soon, Overcast signed a deal with Edison Records and released the “For Indifference” EP and their final full length “Fight Ambition To Kill”.  Both received critical acclaim and ignited many a dance floor as the band continued to tour the country.  After a grueling US tour with Shai Hulud and Disembodied, Overcast decided to call it quits in the fall of 1998.  The performance at this years New England Metal and Hardcore Festival will be the first time they will share a stage in over four years.

Since disbanding, the members of Overcast have gone onto success in new projects.  Bass player Mike DiAntonio is currently rocking with Roadrunner recording artist Killswitch Engage.  (
www.killswitchengage.com) Vocalist Brian Fair went on to join MA. metal band Shadows Fall on Century Media Records. (www.shadowsfall.com ) Guitarist Pete Cortese has been rocking and rolling in Boston rock giants Medium. (www.mediumband.com). 

According to vocalist Brian Fair, “We have all been looking forward to getting back together for sometime now.  We decided that the Metalfest would be the best opportunity to get it together and have the final Overcast show in the town that supported us from the very beginning.”

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