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New England based concert promotions company, MassConcerts is pleased to announce NEW ENGLAND METAL AND HARDCORE FESTIVAL TAKES OVER AUSTIN TX on March 20th 2015 at the Des Moines Embassy (on the corner of Sixth and Red River) in Austin, TX.

This incredible unofficial showcase will be held in the heart of downtown Austin during the famed SXSW Music Festival. This year we are bringing some amazing metal and hardcore bands to Des Moines Embassy (on the corner of Sixth and Red River) on Friday March 20th.  Last year this event was packed to capacity with lines of people outside still trying to get in. This event is open to the public - no wristband or badge needed, it’s ALL AGES and more importantly FREE.  The insanity starts at 6PM.  Make sure you follow us on our social media sites (listed below) as we will be posting exclusive updates all through our Worcester to Austin trip.

“We are livin the dream in Austin!  It’s all about Music, Mexican food and having a good time” says festival co-founder Scott Lee.  “The lineup we put together has to be a true representation of what the festival is all about and I think we’ve done it again this year with bands like Code Orange, Harm’s Way, Lorna Shore, Exalt, Phinehas, Outline In Color, Eternal Sleep, Cane Hill, and Runaway Kids.”

Sponsors this year include New Damage Records, Legator Guitars, All In Merch, Black Craft Cult, Plug Your Holes, Soundrink, Omega Enclosures, MassConcerts, Shook Clothing, Nuclear Blast Records, Metal Blade Records, Deathwish, Rise Records, Mediaskare, Artery Recordings and Density.  They are the ones who make it possible for this show to be FREE. So please check them out!


New England Metal and Hardcore Festival Takes Over Austin Texas
Des Moines Embassy
FRIDAY MARCH 20th @6PM - Free Show / All Ages
(corner of Red River & 6th)

ETERNAL SLEEP 6:10 -  6:30
OUTLINE IN COLOR 6:40 -  7:00
PHINEHAS 7:10 -  7:30
EXALT 7:40 -  8:05
LORNA SHORE 8:15 -  8:40
FALLUJAH 8:50 -  9:15
CANCER BATS 9:25 -  9:55
HARMS WAY 10:05 - 10:35
CODE ORANGE 10:50 -  11:20



ABOUT NEW ENGLAND METAL AND HARDCORE FESTIVAL: The New England Metal and Hardcore Festival is the largest, longest running and most successful metal festival in the United States.  It has presented some of the biggest and up-and-coming artists in the metal and hardcore music genres over the past 17 years.