More Bands Announced!

2ND BAND WAVE ANNOUNCEMENT!! — Attention headbangers: you’ve been waiting patiently for this next announcement, and we’ve been taking the time to read all of your suggestions. We heard your demands for more hardcore, so that’s what we’re giving to you. Please welcome Harms Way, Cruel Hand, Traitors (last New England appearance), Currents, Face Your Maker, I Am, Cryptodira, and Unwill to the lineup for Friday, April 21st. Also, please welcome Angel Vivaldi to the lineup for Saturday, April 22nd.

The good news doesn’t end here, we are giving YOU the chance at performing at NEMHF! Break Thru Music is hosting a series of battle of the band competitions for a chance to perform at NEMHF. If you are interested in submitting your band, please contact with your band name, relevant band pages, and contact information.

Stay tuned, we still have more announcements coming your way!